About Steve.

Steve Halfpenny is  a Horseman,  award-winning film-maker, Equitana Australia presenter and #1 best-selling author. He is the founder of Light Hands Equitation and senior judge at Light Hands Dressage. Steve travels extensively helping people and horses around the world delivering clinics in Australia, NZ, UK and Ireland and through his online training programs.

After moving from the UK to Australia in the late 1970’s, Steve’s passion for riding grew into a thirst for knowledge and he dedicated himself to learning all he could about training and riding, attending clinics, judging seminars and competing successfully in equine competition.

His specialist style of training is not discipline specific and can easily be applied to any form of riding. As one of Equitana Australia’s successful trainers in the “Way of the Horse, Australian Horsemanship Challenge 2010” and in 2013, as one of the six trainers who took on a wild Waler from Central Australia as part of Equitana’s “Waler Legacy Program”, Steve has proven that with the right training, any horse can be a relaxed and willing riding partner.

In the creation of “Light Hands Equitation”, Steve has combined the knowledge gained from the many great horsemen who have provided him with inspiration, with his own experience and intuitive feel for the horse. His key focus has been to find an easier way for the horse and rider to communicate, creating simpler ways of explaining horsemanship to people, so that they can better understand the horse’s intrinsic nature rather than simply delivering a rote training program.

In recent years, Steve has identified that his training methods are extremely successful in helping dressage and competition riders achieve their goals. His training emphasis on a much lighter contact and responsiveness between horse and rider has initiated a new component to his training system, “Light Hands Equitation”. This technique is not only effective for dressage and high level competition, but is also highly beneficial for anyone looking to build their horse’s gymnastic ability, create softness in their horse and improve communication between themselves and their equine partners.

Steve is very approachable and happy to help students with their horsemanship though the Light Hands Equitation Academy online education system or at one of our courses

Our Centre

Arriving at Silversand Horsemanship Centre finding parking, horse yards and accommodation then visiting some of the horsemanship facilities.


Riding and Training facilities:



Main arena - This is where you’ll find us starting our clinics/private lessons and doing general training and riding in a fenced area with trees for shade. 


Dressage arena - Our 40 x 20 sand arena is complete with dressage markers and shaded areas for our spectators. 


Working equitation arena - A relatively new addition to our centre with all of the obstacles you might come across in a working equitation event. This area is also a sand arena, and a great place to begin heading out from the main arena and onto the trail. 


Mountain trail - Our signature trail ride around the property which is sign posted with red arrows to ensure you are headed in the right direction. A speculator visual, especially on sunrise and sunset as you get the undulating view down towards Blanchetown. You’ll also be riding through the paintball course, past dry creek beds and through the scrub where you may see the local wildlife. 


Mountain trail obstacles - Just past our camping area and amenities you’ll find the mountain trail obstacle course, filled will bridges, ramps, logs, streamers and more to keep you and your horse challenged and test your confidence and connection. 


Liberty complex - Our newest addition to the centre is our liberty complex. A long term plan for us as we developed one of the bottom paddocks specifically for liberty training. With 4 round yards, fenced by a larger yard, and also inside the paddock fencing, you’ll know your horse is secure while you work through you connection without a lead rope. 


Accommodation and amenities: 


Camping and Caravans - We know that travelling with your home can be a big job, so to make it easier we have provided a number of vintage caravans for you to use during your stay. Our caravans have the basics like a bed to roll out your swag, power outlets and a fan to keep you cool. Of course if you have your own camper float or camping arrangements, we can provide you with a space near the facilities or further away for privacy. 


Emu shed (remember to ask us about why its called this) - This is the centre hub, after all it's where we keep the coffee and food! We supply you with a communal fridge, stove, microwave, kettle, urn, tv and wifi. This dining area is where you’ll be able to plan your day and debrief over a dinner with your old and new friends. Outside you’ll find tables and chairs all around the property for you to relax, take in the surroundings and enjoy the peace and quiet. 


Shower and toilets - 6 showers, 2 toilets and 2 basins are located in the amenities block, near all of the caravans and Emu Shed. For longer stays a washing machine and clothes line is available but please be mindful of our limited water. 


For the horses:


Yards - We have 10 years with electric fencing for your horse. Each yard has access to a tap for water filling and a bath or tub. Some yards have trees and others are quite large for groups where the horses may be stabled together. 



How to visit us:



Clinics - Horsemanship, dressage, working equitation, garrocha, trail riding, liberty and more! Check out the clinic dates o the website or facebook events. 


5 day camps - Our newest and most popular event is our horsemanship camps. Stay for 5 days and take the time to learn and grow with your horse while you enjoy the perfect horse getaway. 


Private bookings - Book the centre for your riding club or just a group of friends to come and stay with us. Access all of the facilities, book in a private or group lesson, these can be completely tailored to your needs. 



The Emu Shed

Where we have our meals and lectures 

Alfresco area

It is nice to st around at the end of the day and relax with the new friends you have made at a clinic.

Shower and toilet block

There is a washing machine, six showers and two toilets.



Hanging out

Steve and Irena with Fury and Temper 



Fury and Temper

Waiting to greet you.


Inside Emu Shed


Inside Emu Shed


Inside Emu Shed








 Inside one of the caravans






 Furry friends





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