The Kangaroo Crew

Welcome to the Kangaroo Crew! We have designed this monthly program especially to help Light Hands Equitation student...

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Home Horsemanship School

Welcome to the Home Horsemanship School with Steve Halfpenny! We have designed this monthly program especially to hel...

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Private Mentorship with Steve Halfpenny

Welcome to the private mentorship program with Steve Halfpenny! We have designed this program especially to help...

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100 Miles A Month Challenge

Why do so many horses struggle with a lack of CONFIDENCE?? 😢 Lots of people ride horses who are anxious, spooky or ne...

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Riding 100 Miles with Steve Halfpenny

Fed up of riding a spooky and anxious horse? Want to ride a calm and confident horse in NEW places or on th...

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Groundwork for Softness

If you want to create a soft and light horse with great groundwork foundations, this brand new DVD is perfect for you...

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Float / Trailer loading online course

How to teach your horse to load self load Many people feel physically ill at the thought of loading their horse...

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Steve Halfpenny The Movie

"As I spend my time helping people with their horses, one thing that always sticks in the back of my mind is 'I wonde...

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