The Kangaroo Crew

Welcome to the Kangaroo Crew! We have designed this monthly program especially to help Light Hands Equitation students around the world to get help from Steve in between clinics & for those who want to work at home with their horses, following Steve's horsemanship philosophies.  

Enroll today and claim your 7 day free trial. You can cancel your membership at any time. This membership includes 12+ online courses + bonuses:

  • STEVE TV: Steve TV is the monthly new TV show with horsemanship Steve Halfpenny. Tune in each month and watch case studies, meet great horses from around the world and get all the latest news and insights from Steve. Each monthly episode will be available to watch in the online members area. 
  • 3 Working Equitation tests: Want to try something that's new and fun with your horse? Watch the online demos of how to ride the 3 Working Equitation tests for the online World Championships! Suitable for all levels.
  • Path to Liberty: Want to improve your liberty work? The PATH TO LIBERTY online course, is a step by step course will show you how to have a great relationship with your horse at liberty. 
  • Relaxed Rider and Confident Horse Bootcamp: Want to become a more calm and confident rider? Do you wish for a more relaxed, calm and less spooky horse? Our Relaxed Rider and Confident Horse Bootcamp will help you to reach your goals.
  • Riding & Groundwork Exercises: Improve your feel on a circle, groundwork, backing, balance and soft ridden circles, ridden serpentines, direct and indirect rein, softness and lightness with these groundwork and riding lessons with Steve and Sheri his young quarter horse. Now you can try these lessons at home with your horse. 
  • EQUITANA Presentations: Improve your feel, timing and balance with Steve's two masterclass demonstrations at EQUITANA Melbourne.
  • Garrocha work: Watch one of Steve's UK students work with the garrocha for the first time. Learn how to prepare your horse for this work.
  • Wild Horse Training: Radar is the horse Steve took on for the Australian Equitana Waler Challenge. Watch how they progressed after Steve took him home. Every moment with Radar is an education.
  • Young Horse Starting: Steve goes through the process of starting Lakota his 4 year old Quarter horse gelding over his first 10 weeks. This is a great course for those with young horses, or horses who need to revisit the basics. 
  • Saddle fit & the hackamore: A series of 4 excellent videos by Jeff Sanders on gear, bosals, hackamores, saddles and saddle fit. Learn how you can check if your saddle fits your horse, and what to be aware of when choosing the right bit or bosal for your horse. 
  • Podcast videos: Love the new podcasts, but really want to see the videos?  Watch all the podcast videos right here! From increasing confidence to learning how to do shoulder in. 
  • Horsemanship Philosophy: Get access to the fieldside chat, with Steve Halfpenny and Ben Moxon, and learn more about Steve's philopophy and what he really values in his and his students horsemanship journey. Learn about the why behind the how. 
  • Footfalls: Being able to feel when each of your horses legs is about to leave the ground, and understanding the sequence of legs in each gait is necessary element to go to the next level in your horsemanship. In these easy to understand videos, Steve explains how you can learn to feel this movement. This is one of the most important aspects of timing when you are riding. 

Horsemanship exercises for the month

Every month we will release 2 new training exercises. Each month you will get access to two new online exercises, one of which will be suitable for a novice, young or experienced horse, and the second exercise will be more suitable for intermediate horse and rider. Each month will have a new theme, including connection, communication, partnership, softness, groundwork and riding work. These exercises are suitable for both English & Western riders. Each new monthly exercise will be supported with a downloadable exercise guide, that you can print out, or save to your smartphone,and bring out to your horse. These will also be available to download each month to support you & your horse.

Live Q&A Sessions

Every month you'll be able to ask Steve any horse training related question and get an instant answer during the live sessions.

What our students say:

'Over the last 18 years, I learned from Steve to think from the point of view of the horse's mind. It changed my whole being with horses and gives me the opportunity to understand many different horses and to tune my behavior and willingness to it.' Ulrike, Germany.

Get your 7 day FREE trial:

Start your 7 day free trial today. You can cancel your membership any time. 


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