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"At clinics I teach around the world, it always amazes me how quickly riders can improve their posture and balance when they ride with a garrocha". Steve Halfpenny  

Learn how to Improve your Posture & Balance using the Garrocha with Steve Halfpenny.

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Workshop Lesson #1: The History and Secrets of the Garrocha - Mar 14

Workshop Lesson #2: 3 ways the Garrocha can help your Posture - Mar 16

Workshop Lesson #3: Revealing the Garrocha Masterplan - Mar 18

Workshop Lesson #4: Garrocha for Balance and Posture - Mar 21

What Can I Expect In This Free Garrocha Workshop ?

This workshop runs from March 14-21, 2022. You will get an email when each new workshop lesson is live.

We recommend you set aside about 15-20 minutes each day to watch the garrocha training. 

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No, absolutely not. If you have no idea what a garrocha is, you’re in the right place. I will be explaining everything including how to get started, in this free workshop.

"I have tried the garrocha a few times and was amazed at how well my horse and I seemed to communicate with it. It gave me something to focus on rather than using my reins so much."

Jane, USA
Online garrocha workshop student

Steve Halfpenny is a horseman,  award-winning film-maker, Equitana Australia presenter and #1 best-selling author. He is the founder of Light Hands Equitation and was featured in the 'Listening to the Horse' documentary. Steve helps people and horses around the world delivering clinics in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland and through his range of online training programs.

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