Riding 100 Miles with Steve Halfpenny

Fed up of riding a spooky and anxious horse? Want to ride a calm and confident horse in NEW places or on the trail?!

Our 100 miles a month challenge, where you walk on foot for 100 miles with your horse, is the BEST way to help a spooky & anxious horse, to become calm and confident. But after walking 100 miles, many people want to start riding their horses.

🔥 This new riding program bridges the gap between being calm & confident on the ground, to becoming an AMAZING calm & relaxed horse on trail rides and in new environments.

➡️ Join this new program and get instant access to: 

  • 14 step-by-step video lessons with Steve Halfpenny to help you build a confident & calm riding horse
  • 14 fun riding tasks to do with your horse
  • SECRET mounting and dismounting strategies
  • #1 way to stay safe when you're riding your horse
  • The importance of comfort zones (which is HUGE for your horse!)
  • How to start riding in NEW places
  • Backing up and stopping safely to improve your horse's balance
  • Expanding the comfort zone and riding 100 miles

This self-study product includes a 100%, 14 day no questions asked money back GUARANTEE. 



"My horse's confidence has grown so much in just 14 days"

"I really enjoyed this challenge with Steve Halfpenny. It's helped me and my horses heaps .I thought it was just about walking the horse - but it's so much more. I learnt how to guide my horse through manoeuvres - forehand turns, hind turns, changing your horses side with ease, and the horse moving around you brilliantly. My horse now looking at me as the leader and their confidence has grown in 14 days. Thanks Steve "

"I am enjoying my horse again"

"Steve's programme is a clear and structured way to build confidence and horsemanship. My horse bolted when he saw a cow appear over a hedge. My world shrunk when I lost my confidence. The structure is clear, manageable and enjoyable, enabling me to become a better leader so we can progress again. I am enjoying my horse again and have already recommended the challenge to my friends. Thank you Steve"

"I was amazed with the growth and progress my horse and I achieved"

"All levels and ages can learn more about themselves and the horse by participating in this challenge. I was amazed with the growth and progress my horse and I achieved in just 14 days. It was inspiring to have this caliber of clinician to learn from at home on my own timeline." -USA Jennifer Hustis

For any questions, please email support: [email protected]


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