Private Mentorship with Steve Halfpenny

Welcome to the private mentorship program with Steve Halfpenny! We have designed this program especially to help Light Hands Equitation students around the world to get help from Steve in between clinics & for those who want to work at home with their horses, following Steve's horsemanship philosophies.  Spaces are limited in this program.

This private mentorship with Steve Halfpenny includes:

6 Weekly 1-1 Online Coaching Sessions

Sad you will be missing clinics this year? Still want to progress with your horses at home & want Steve's help? Steve Halfpenny is currently accepting a small number of online mentorship students. Mentorship will include 6 weeks of private 1-1 weekly horsemanship calls, advice, homework assignments, help & lessons with Steve. Suitable for all levels of horse & rider. You choose what you want to work on. Includes all topics; liberty work, groundwork, riding, 100 miles, garrocha, canter work, lateral work, collection, transitioning to the hackamore, transitions, helping anxious horses etc.  This mentorship program is tailored for each individual student's goals. Suitable for beginner, intermediate & advanced horses & riders. 

Online Assessment & Goal Setting

Introduce yourself & your horse by completing our three mentorship welcome lessons, and completing your online mentorship assessment. Then enjoy a goal setting call with Steve to discuss your horse, your goals & get Steve's to create a personalised roadmap for your mentorship program.

Coaching Sessions

Each week you will submit your video homework, and review your progress live with Steve. Steve will share little changes to make that will help your horse, and suggest new ideas & approaches to help you. You will also get a number of new exercises to work on, with your horse to support your goals. They will be directly related to your ability, experience and your horsemanship goals. They may include riding work, liberty work, groundwork, 100 miles, garrocha, canter work, feel, timing, balance, softness, confidence, relaxation, lateral work, collection, transitioning to the hackamore, transitions and more.


BONUS #1: You can use 2 horses

Suitable for 1 or two horses. You can use the same horse each week or if you have two horses, use 3 lessons per horse. Each horse can work on different goals.

BONUS #2: Welcome call with Steve

Enjoy a personal 1-1 coaching call with Steve to set your goals & what you want to achieve during this mentorship. Includes 3 bonus welcome exercises to complete for review.

BONUS #3: Work in your own time


You have 8 weeks after you join to complete your 6 personal coaching sessions. We recommend doing them weekly but it is up to what suits you best :)

  • Technical requirements for this mentorship program: A camera to video your horse (smartphone) & a free zoom account. 
  • Note: Enrollment in this mentorship program is limited to a small number of horsemanship students only.
  • Take action: This is a 6 week mentoring program. All coaching lessons with Steve must be used within 8 weeks of purchase. 
  • Focus: As this is a live 1-1 coaching program, no refunds are available after your 1st welcome call with Steve. 
  • Got questions? Please email Steve to see if this program would be suitable for you: [email protected]

  • STEVE TV: Steve TV is the monthly new TV show with horsemanship Steve Halfpenny. Tune in each month and watch case studies, meet great horses from around the world and get all the latest news and insights from Steve. Each monthly episode will be available to watch in the online members area. 
  • 3 Working Equitation tests: Want to try something that's new and fun with your horse? Watch the online demos of how to ride the 3 Working Equitation tests for the online World Championships! Suitable for all levels.
  • Path to Liberty: Want to improve your liberty work? The PATH TO LIBERTY online course is a step by step course will show you how to have a great relationship with your horse at liberty. 
  • Relaxed Rider and Confident Horse Bootcamp: Want to become a more calm and confident rider? Do you wish for a more relaxed, calm and less spooky horse? Our Relaxed Rider and Confident Horse Bootcamp will help you to reach your goals.
  • Riding & Groundwork Exercises: Improve your feel on a circle, groundwork, backing, balance and soft ridden circles, ridden serpentines, direct and indirect rein, softness and lightness with these groundwork and riding lessons with Steve and Sheri his young quarter horse. Now you can try these lessons at home with your horse. 
  • EQUITANA Presentations: Improve your feel, timing and balance with Steve's two masterclass demonstrations at EQUITANA Melbourne.
  • Garrocha work: Watch one of Steve's UK students work with the garrocha for the first time. Learn how to prepare your horse for this work.
  • Wild Horse Training: Radar is the horse Steve took on for the Australian Equitana Waler Challenge. Watch how they progressed after Steve took him home. Every moment with Radar is an education.
  • Young Horse Starting: Steve goes through the process of starting Lakota his 4 year old Quarter horse gelding over his first 10 weeks. This is a great course for those with young horses, or horses who need to revisit the basics. 
  • Saddle fit & the hackamore: A series of 4 excellent videos by Jeff Sanders on gear, bosals, hackamores, saddles and saddle fit. Learn how you can check if your saddle fits your horse, and what to be aware of when choosing the right bit or bosal for your horse. 
  • Footfalls: Being able to feel when each of your horses legs is about to leave the ground, and understanding the sequence of legs in each gait is necessary element to go to the next level in your horsemanship. In these easy to understand videos, Steve explains how you can learn to feel this movement. This is one of the most important aspects of timing when you are riding. 

Get Ready to Travel 

Avoid the stress and pressure, and teach your horse to load in a calm & patience way, using these proven steps & techniques by Steve Halfpenny.  Good preparation can save a lot of stress and heart ache. Start making a great trailer horse today!

What our students say:

'Over the last 18 years, I learned from Steve to think from the point of view of the horse's mind. It changed my whole being with horses and gives me the opportunity to understand many different horses and to tune my behavior and willingness to it.' Ulrike, Germany.


Join Steve's private mentorship program today and get instant access to all the online courses above PLUS an inspiring 6 weeks of personalized mentorship for you & your horse(s).    


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