Garrocha for Balance & Posture

Join the 'Garrocha for Balance and Posture' online program by Steve Halfpenny today.  

This program includes:  

  • Full Online Program 'Garrocha for Balance and Posture' : (value $697) includes the history of the garrocha, how the garrocha can dramatically improve your balance and posture, basic garrocha exercises and techniques on the ground, introducing your horse to the garrocha for the first time, garrocha groundwork, garrocha ridden work, advanced ridden work with the garrocha, and developing softness and lightness and the garrocha. 

  • BONUS #1: Collection for Beginners mini-course. (value $197)

  • BONUS #2: Animal communication through body language mini-course with Steve Halfpenny (value $197)

  • BONUS #3: Free DVD of the Garrocha program sent to you anywhere in the world. (value $179)

  • BONUS #4: FREE DVD shipping worldwide! The DVD will play on all DVD players. (value $19)

  • BONUS #5: Relaxed Rider and Confident Horse mini-course

HAVE A QUESTION? For any questions, email: [email protected] 

GUARANTEE: This program also includes a 14 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.


'Over the last 18 years, I learned from Steve to think from the point of view of the horse's mind. It changed my whole being with horses and gives me the opportunity to understand many different horses and to tune my behavior and willingness to it.' Ulrike, Germany.

'I spectated at Steve's clinic in Argyll, Scotland last year. I was so impressed with the way he was working with the horses to enable them to be more flexible and relaxed and to use their bodies well, and his ability to teach the riders how to do this too.' Chrissie, Scotland.

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