Float / Trailer loading online course

How to teach your horse to load self load

Many people feel physically ill at the thought of loading their horse because they know how stressful it is going to be.

The reason that it can be a hugely stressful ordeal for humans and horses alike is mainly because of the horses claustrophobic nature and innate fear of being trapped in confined areas or even the separation anxiety of being taken away from paddock mates can cause them to refuse to load.

In any case they could pull back, rear or even run over the handler in an attempt to get away from the trailer. 

Do you often need one or more people to assist  loading your horse every time you  go somewhere?

This can be very inconvenient when you have to move your horse unexpectedly.

Even if you have managed to load your horse into the trailer and it is not mentally OK with the situation it may kick the tailgate or even try and escape out of the front door or window.

We have all heard of horror stories about horse loading incidents that result in serious injury or even the death of a horse.

These incidents can be prevented with good preparation!  Good preparation can save a lot of stress and heart ache

 The System

Our easy to follow step by step system will show you how to load your horse confidently without hesitation while you stand at the back of the trailer in a safe position.

This system can successfully teach people how to load their horse with the aid of this video course to and  easy to follow system.

Steve demonstates how to load in both straight load as well as slant load  trailers and uses different horses to show how the system works.

Steve Halfpenny is the founder of Light Hands Equitation Horsemanship programme.

Your Instructor

Steve travels extensively delivering clinics in Australia, NZ, UK, Ireland and Germany. Float loading is something that Steve believes is the result of good horsemanship skills.

 The Solution

  • This online Course will give you the skills to teach your horse to self load easily and without hesitation (Even at liberty)
  • No more having to rely on some one else to help you every time you need to load your horse
  • No putting your self in a vulnerable position by ducking under the chest rail while leading your horse into the float.
  • The peace of mind you will have from knowing that if you had to load your horse quickly for medical attention or like us here in Australia because of a bush fire threat that you can quickly load up and be on your way to safety is just priceless.


"My Percheron mare Montana is a calm and sensible horse but had developed an anxiety about floating (trailer loading) after slipping once. She fast developed a habit of leaning on the breeching bar (making it difficult to release), then rush out in a panic.

This presented not only a safety issue, but an inconvenience and stress as my horse carriage business based is reliant on her floating.

The problem was escalating with each load, so began the search for outside help. I first came across Steve at Equitana, Melbourne, 2014 and we talked later about the problem over the phone. He was generous with his time & knowledge offering alternative solutions.

I tried these methods myself but with little improvement and so asked if I could take Montana to him. There was a 3 day window in Steve`s busy schedule and so I delivered her to his property.

3 days later I returned to a horse that calmly walked on and off the float primarily by voice with the occasional subtle ‘cue’. I couldn’t believe the change in my horse and the stress relief he provided us both!

Steve then schooled me in his method, which is based on pressure and release. Steve identified that I hadn’t been giving her enough pressure and so had developed more a ‘battle of wills’, working against rather than with!

I loaded and unloaded Montana with Steve`s guidance for a further half hour until he (and I) were confident I could manage independently.

I've kept in contact with Steve, besides being a great horseman, he is a thoroughly nice person. I thank him so much for his help and can highly recommend him."

Libby Green - www.ClassicCarriageDrives.com


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Don’t keep going through the stress of not being able to load your horse, let Steve guide you every step of the way…

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Your 100% Money Back Guarantee

Steve is so confident that this course can help you teach your horse to load that he it comes with his "It's as good as I say it is" 100% money back guarantee. In other words, you can try out the course and if you are not totally satisfied with the results he will give you a full refund - no questions asked!


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