Talking Horses

Talking Horses

Hosted by: Steve Halfpenny

This podcast is for people looking to communicate in a more refined respectful way with horses. I have spent most of my life looking for better ways of achieving lightness, responsiveness and a feeling of being...

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John Saint Ryan and Tim McGaffic talking about their new film "Get The Mind and the Feet will Follow"

John Saint Ryan and Tim McGaffic talk with Steve about the film they have recently finished. It goes into how the ideas and techniques that Tom Dorrance used to work with horses can be explained using equitation...
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John Saint Ryan talking about Tom Dorrance

Steve talks with John about what he learned from Tom Dorrance about presenting things to horses and students in a way that helps them both learn. This episode is for over an hour in length and as usual John and Steve...
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Dr Susan Fay

It was great to talk to Dr Susan Fay about her book Sacred Spaces and her journey to connecting with horses on a spiritual level. I found the book very insightful and explained a lot of the unseen attributes of great...
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John Saint Ryan talking about learning theory

I recently listened to John's Audio book "A Voice For The Horse" on Audible and found Johns explanation of the terms used in Equitation science learning theory invaluable. As a result I asked John to talk a little...
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Lester Buckley

Lester Buckley is an unusual, multi-disciplinary teacher of both horsemanship and the principles of Classical Dressage. He is respected among his peers as one of the most accomplished equestrians and gifted teachers...
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John Sain Ryan

It was great to talk to John about how he got into horses and his time with Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. John became a close friend of Toms and works to keep his legacy alive. You can find out more about John and buy...
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Talking to Jeff Sanders a 6th Generation Vaquero

It was great to talk with Jeff about why the Californian Central Coast were so different. We and also chatted about gear, some of the misinformation out there about how the Vaqueros trained their horse. Jeff's second...
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Kas Interviewing Steve

Karen Fitzpatric is one of Steve and Irena's long time friends and the UK clinic organiser. She interviews Steve and asks him what got him into horses in the first place and asks him about the events that shaped his...
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Talking to Warwick Schiller

It was great to speak to Warwick about his early days in reining competition and the events in his life that caused him to look at things differently. Warwick is very much into helping horses by educating people to be...
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