Working Equitation

The Light Hands Working Equitation monthly online tests are for people who are interested in the art of working equitation and good horsemanship. 

Competing in an online working equitation event is easy and fun to do. There is no travelling, no stress, no riding in public and a whole month to get your test ridden, videoed and submitted.

You set up a simple working equitation course at home (most obstacles can be made with some show jumps and cones or barrels), and then do each test twice. The first test is an 'Ease of handling' test to showcase your horsemanship. The second test 'Speed Test' is over the same course, but is judged on speed alone. 

There are lots of fun obstacles, including cones to weave through, a mounting block, poles on the ground and in later tests a small jump, garrocha work and a gate to open and close. 

We have an ever growing variety of classes from which to choose from.

Light Hands World Working Equitation Championships: Each month we will also be hosting the Monthly World Light Hands Working Equitation Championships. In order to be eligible to represent your country:

  • There must be a minimum of three riders entered from your country that month
  • You can ride any of the Light Hands Working Equitation tests 
  • When both of these criteria are met, you will automatically be representing your country in that months Light Hands Working Equitation Championships. Winners of the Light Hands Working Equitation Championships will be announced online. This is a wonderful way to represent your country and improve your horsemanship.
  • Each month, once there is a minimum of 3 riders, all test scores from each country are added together, and an average score is got for each country based on that months entries. We will publish the Light Hands Working Equitation World Championship leaderboard on this page each month. 
  • What we are looking for: Light Hands Working Equitation is where good horsemanship comes first and responsive, confident and happy horses are our first priority, thereby providing a relaxed and fun range of activities for you to participate in, through the art of Working Equitation with the lightest contact on the reins and soft and supple horses. This will be a place where relaxation and softness in the movements will be judged higher than extravagant movements with tension.

How do I enter? Entering your online Working Equitation test is easy. All you need is: 

  • A digital camera, iPhone or Android phone to video your test. If filming on a smartphone, hold the device in the landscape orientation. You can zoom if you need to. 
  • Access to a computer
  • A level area to ride which is 20m x 35m or larger.
  • Choose the test you'd like to ride. Each test is ridden 2 times: First you do the Ease of Handling Test (where you are scored on horsemanship) and then you ride the Speed Test (which is a speed event). 
  • Someone to video your test. 

What is the process to submit a video?

  • Record your 2 videos, upload your videos to youtube and set them to 'unlisted' 
  • Each video (ease of handling + speed test) must be 1 take only. You can not record 2 or more shorter videos and edit them together
  • Pay your entry free ($40 or $97)
  • Fill out this application form

Payment: You can pay via Dash or paypal. Get your free Dash wallet here. To get our Dash address please email us. 

STANDARD FEEDBACK: For test sheet only feedback, it is $40 AUD for ease of handling & speed tests.   Entry fees will not be refunded once an entry has been accepted. Click here to pay for test sheet only feedback

VIDEO FEEDBACK: For test sheet feedback PLUS your private Steve Halfpenny video feedback on the  ease of handling test it is $97 AUD. You can complete the 'Working Equitation entry form' here. Entry fees will not be refunded once an entry has been accepted. For this option you will also get a video of Steve doing a video of him talking through how you can improve your ease of handling test results. Steve will record it over your Working Equitation test video so you can see what he is talking about. Click to pay for test sheet PLUS video feedback. 

COMPLETE THE ONLINE ENTRY FORM: Fill out the form here

When is the closing date? The closing date for entries is the last day of each month. So for example in the May competition, you must submit your video between May 1 to May 31. Entries will be judged and the winners announced in June. 

Camera person instructions (very important):

  • Stand anywhere in the arena where you can a good view of the horse and rider. You are free to move to get a better shot. We need to see both horse and each obstacle. 
  • Video in landscape mode only. Do not video in portrait mode. 
  • Video must clearly show both the horse and the current obstacle. 
  • The video for each test must be 1 take only. You can not record 2 or more shorter videos and edit them together. Each test must be 1 full unedited recording. 
  • No other horses or people should be in the arena while you record the test.
  • After your have recorded the two videos, please check to make sure the full tests from start to finish have been recorded, before you upload the videos to youtube. 
  • What test should I enter? It is important to note that these tests are designed in sequential order. We highly recommend that everyone begins with Walk Test 1, regardless of your riding experience, or your experience in other dressage competitions. 

When are the results announced? The results will be announced the next month. We will email you a link to download your scores and any extra comments from Steve Halfpenny. Steve's decision will be final. 

What tack can I use? You can ride in whatever saddle you like, or bareback, and in any bridle, halter, hackamore or bridleless, as you choose. 

What tack can't I use/what can't I do? No martingales. No over-flexion (behind the vertical). No gadgets that mechanically encourage a horse to adopt a certain posture. 

What are the tests? You can do any one of the following tests. We recommend you start with Test 1. Each test has 2 parts - an Ease of handling test and a Speed Test. 

So for each test, you will need to record 2 videos (Ease of Handling + Speed Test). 

Working Equitation Test 1: Ease of Handling Test and Speed Test
Working Equitation Test 2: Ease of Handling Test and Speed Test
Working Equitation Test 3: Ease of Handling Test and Speed Test

Arena map and letters: Download the arena map here for tests 1 to 3.

Obstacle description: Download here

How many tests can I enter each month? As many as you like. 


March 2018 Individual World Championships

  1. Elaine Heney & Ozzie, Ireland

February 2018 Individual World Championships

  1. Elaine Heney & Ozzie, Ireland

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