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Steve Halfpenny Horsemanship Clinics are the next practical step to take after watching the movie 'Soft Feel and Light Horses' and the 'Groundwork for Softness' DVD.Ā The focus of our Light Hands clinics is to help you to improve and advance your ridden horsemanship. Steve's clinics are not designed for unbackedĀ horses, or for horse with major problems.Ā It is highly recommended to purchase and review the 'Groundwork for Softness' DVD before attending a clinic.

Here are our guidelines forĀ all clinic horses:

  • The horse to be aged 4 years or above ( for ridden clinics )
  • No serious behavioral issues (Please book a private session for these issues.) This is because it is difficult to address these types of issues given the time allowed during each clinic, and the mix of riders in each class.Ā 
  • We do not accept stallions, as many locations do not have suitable facilities (unless in a private session )

We aim to provide a happy, calm supportive place for all of our clinic riders and horses, and thank you for helping us achieve this

FEEDBACK WANTED: If you have ridden or spectated at a clinic this year, we would love to get your feedback. We would really appreciate your help in filling out this short survey, to help us make our clinics even better!Ā 


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