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Free Starter Kit

Legendary Australian horseman, #1 Best Selling Author, Equitana Australia Presenter, Founder of Light Hands Equitation Steve Halfpenny, has created this FREE Video Starter Kit to help you & your horse progress at home.

This free starter kit includes:

  1. An introduction by Steve Halfpenny, the founder of Light Hands Equitation
  2. Riding Lesson 1: How to ask the inside hind leg to step under on a circle
  3. Riding Lesson 2: Correct lateral flexion in the saddle
  4. Riding Lesson 3: Backing up off a feel
  5. Interviews & student stories from our students in the UK & Ireland. 
  6. How to get more help & progress your horsemanship
  7. BONUS: Free excert from Steve's#1 bestselling book, From the Horseman's Mouth

The focus in all Steve's courses is Light Hands Equitation. The first goal is relaxation for both horse and rider. Once this is in place, each rider can progress at their own speed through balance, feel, timing, lightness, softness.

The Light Hands Equitation Starter Kit has been designed for:

  1. Riders of all disclipines - English, western, trailer riders, competition riders, dressage, showjumping, eventing, show horses and many more. 
  2. Riders of all levels - Want to improve your partnership with your horse and gain confidence and relaxation? Do you want to improve your advanced dressage abilities with a relaxed and willing partner? Or are you on this wonderful journey to see how much you can grow your horsemanship? Light Hands Equitation provides the knowledge and support to get you there. 
  3. Horses of all levels - At Steve's clinics he helps many horses, from green horses who are working on their foundation skills, to advamced horses who are working on softness in their lateral work and ar higher energy levels. 
  4. Worldwide students - This course has been created for the many students around the world, who have asked Steve for more regular help - whether they live in Melbourne, Perth, Scotland, Germany, Ireland or the USA!

All of these videos are available to anyone with an internet connection.

We hope you find them useful as you progress your horsemanship. 

If you have an equestrian friend who would also like a free copy of this course, you can welcome to send them here to get their free copy.

Claim your FREE Light Hands Equitation course today & we look forward to seeing your progress. 

Steve Halfpenny,

Founder, Light Hands Equitation.